A delightful experience between dream and reality. Perle embodies our thoughts through our history. Become an immaculate being and travel in a unique exploration.

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Perle explores dreams by creating levels with a minimum of elements. The story takes the player through a unique adventure, focused on self-satisfaction and fulfillment. Its design features geometrical shapes that suggest a pure world, allowing the imagination to express itself.

"Distraught, you embark on an odyssey into the unknown. An esoteric being appears, he knows a lot about you and offers to accompany you. Suspicious, you talk with him, at the end of your discussion, you accept his offer."

Take up the challenges in about 30 hand-made pastel-coloured paintings. A moving journey carried by a heartwarming story. Each movement is simple, accessible, to allow everyone to live a pleasant moment. The details are pure lightness. Ideal for a rewarding experience.

Made with Unity, the 3D models are entirely created from the graphics engine, without any external tool, harmonizing the creative environment. These sculptural shapes make the game a relaxing and enveloping haven of peace, giving a floating feeling.

The minimalist graphics of Perle.

Perle is embellished with a light, almost non-existent interface, in harmony with its world. Thus, the immersion is deeper, more emotional and reveals a video game in a simple visual setting. A system with a new style.

The visual backdrop of Perle.