A funny game that is illustrated by a contrast of colors. Placed on a platform, a being named Vairon is getting hungry. Close to him, pretty leaves cover the surroundings.

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Vairon features an aestheticism with geometric lines and structured details, revisiting the classic codes of platform games, inspired by the 80s. The enjoyment of playing is underlined by a singular mechanics, enhanced by funny videogame mechanics.

"High up in the heights of the trees, your greed for green leaves leads you into temptation. Driven by frenzy, you leap over the void in search of food."

To enjoy all the greenery, make your way avoiding the falls and dodging the black illusions. Progress through the game by coloring the environment. In a flash, new colors create a new environment in which you can move around. Each adventure is unique and you are the explorer.

The colorful graphics of Vairon.

Gorgeous graphics drawn in vectorial, offering a singular effect. These different designs with pronounced colors are influenced by minimalism, emphasizing simple and pure forms. Each of the elements that embellish this environment gives the impression of being immersed into the unknown.

The visual backdrop of Vairon.